Redcliffe City Art Gallery Residency Exhibition

Mower man, Clontarf
Study for Mower man, Clontarf
Afternoon shadows, Suttons Beach
Study for Afternoon shadows, Suttons Beach
Lights across the bay
Study for Lights across the bay
Wreck and afternoon storm
Study for Wreck and afternoon storm
Cranes in the rain
Study for Cranes in the rain
Early mark
Study for Early mark
Afternoon kites
Study for Afternoon kites
Cotton tree nocturne
Study for Cotton tree nocturne
Fossil fueller
Study for Fossil fueller
Kites and clouds
Study for Kites and clouds
Afternoon waves
Study for Afternoon waves
3 Pines
Study for 3 Pines
Pelican sign at dusk, Clontarf
Lights across the water
On the steps
Night house, Redcliffe
Reading about the war
Study for Reading about the war