Philip Bacon Galleries 2017

Moon over Story Bridge
Study for Moon over Story Bridge
Construction sunset
Study for Construction sunset
Ekka figures #1
Study for Ekka figures #1
Ekka figures #2
Study for Ekka figures #2
Night Museum
Study for Night Museum
Museum in afternoon light
Study for Museum in afternoon light
Rain in the hills #1 (Painted from imagination)
Rain in the hills #2 (Painted from imagination)
Reflections on the river
Study for Reflections on the river
Morning shadows, Burleigh
Study for Morning shadows, Burleigh
Afternoon jet shadows
Study for Afternoon jet shadows
Jets in the rain
Study for Jets in the rain
Midnight refuel
Study for Midnight refuel
Sunset jets
Study for Sunset jets
Ocean towers
Study for Ocean towers
Morning cranes
Study for Morning cranes
Painter on a ladder
Study for Painter on a ladder
People on escalators
Study for People on escalators
Shopping centre figures
Study for Shopping centre figures
Roof shadows
Study for Roof shadows
Stormy day lovers
Study for Stormy day lovers
Tankers through the trees (Painted from imagination)
Wave building at dawn
Study for Wave building at dawn
Turbines and trees
Study for Turbines and trees